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The Vietnam conflict was a long time ago but it is still on the minds of many who served and on the minds of those who lost loved ones in that land so far away.  A major part of that war was fought by air crews of various types of aircraft. This video is a tribute to the pilots and crew of Air Force, medical Army, Navy and Marine aircraft.  We will never forget the sacrifice of those who served in Vietnam.  Welcome Home!

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The Birddog Memorial At Fort Rucker Alabama


Birddog Memorial
The memorial monument dedicated to the memory of the Birddog airplane and the men who flew them has been set in place at the Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker Alabama.  We are pleased that the IBDA had a part in the placement of this memorial to this great airplane.


BY Bob Brewster, ambulance "Headhunter 37"
pow capture team rvn mid 1971
Pictured to (L-R standing) O-2 "Herbie 12"pilot Steve Davidson , cialis O-1 "Headhunter 37" pilot ILT Bob Brewster and UH-1H "Lucky 11" PIC WO David Groen,; (L-R kneeling) UH-1H Crewchief Mike Neely, no rx UH-1H Door Gunner Vasquez and UH-1H VNAF pilot Diem.


MAY 1971, while I was flying north of Qui Nhon, near the Phu Cat Mountains with an Air Force Fac O-2 flying high cover. I noticed a couple of individuals walking across an open area pot marked with large artillery craters. I made a low pass, about 20 feet over their heads and saw that they were carrying large packs.


Traveling to Southeast Asia for Fun and Profit

Traveling to Southeast Asia for Fun and Profit
Submitted by Les Hobgood

In early 1963, I was a First Lieutenant Crew Dog in the 40th MAS (Military Airlift Squadron) flying C-135s outof McGuire AFG, New Jersey.  They kept talking about Operation Jungle Jim around the O'Club and in the squadron operations area, so when I finally caught on, I was afraid that little war in Indochina might not last long enough for me to get in it.  I had been volunteering for every assignment runor that would take me out of the C-135 and into a smaller more maneuverable combat aircraft.  After one of the trips back from a west coast run in May 1963, I got word that my prayers were answered.


Departure From Oshkosh

A Photo From John Davidson
It was taken shortly after departure from Oshkosh '11. Those present will remember the storm that blew up with extremely strong wind and resulted in the airshow being cancelled. I was there with my Birddog and my brother Rich Davidson was there flying a late '20s Stearman C3 that had been on


The Birddog Fighter Plane     A story by Norm MacPhee

Norman S. MacPhee, sales formerly CW2, US Army, 220th Aviation Company Catkillers, nurse Danang 1966/67
I was in the first group of replacements to arrive in the Danang Platoon of the 220th in February of 1966.
My assignment to the 220th was my second after flight school at Ft. Rucker, WOF/WAC class 64-3 fw.