Great Story About A Real Army Aviator and the L-19 

Retired Army Colonel and IBDA member, Steve Bosan, has been kind enough to forward some of his career highlights and his associations with the L-19 Birddog and other aircraft. He enjoyed over 24 years of active duty flying and you'll find his story quite interesting. His military career included time during WWll all the way to the war in SEA and beyond. Our thanks goes out to Col. Bosan for sharing his story and included photographs with us.


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Attention All Birddog Lovers! The IBDA is constantly searching for any and all information about the mighty Birddog aircraft. If you have flown, viagra observed from, worked on, or been associated with Birddog aircraft in any manner we would like to hear from you. We are looking for photos, cialis videos, stories, technical information or anything else you would like to share with our members and website visitors. Simply click on the "Contact IBDA" tab on the right side of the IBDA home page, there let us know who you are, what you would like to contribute, and we will contact you. Help us preserve the history of this well respected aircraft and the stories of those who shared in its many years of duty.

More Photos From Chuck Case

221 3More photos from Chuck Chase, call sign Shotgun 24, from his tour as an Army FAC in Vietnam. These will give those who haven't been there some idea of the conditions under which Birddog crews were living and flying in. We have also added many more of his photos to Chuck's gallery under the title of "221st RAC Cockpit Photos" in the "Photo Section".  Click Here To View

The Bird Dog in the Vietnam-Laos Wars

Seems like we can never get enough information about the extensive role the Birddog played in the war in Vietnam and in the "secret" war that took place in Laos . The Birddog served with honor and distinction throughout Southeast Asia for many years and provided us with a view of the war that couldn't be matched from the cockpit of high speed aircraft. Those that flew and maintained them operated at some of the more desolate spots in SEA and the stories that we read are usually exciting to say the least