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 In June 1969, viagra Army Birddog #0-14791 was on final approach to land at Cuchi Base Camp Airfield, sildenafil SVN, when it was shot up by VC off the end of the end of the runway. The pilot managed to land the aircraft even though he was severely wounded in the arms and legs, check but ran off the runway and nosed over.


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The Birddog FAC pilot who was on the rescue mission of a 5th Special Forces team In An Loa valley, sick Bong Son, SVN, 29 January 1966. My UH-1B Huey gunship from the 1st Cav was also there in support of this mission. Mike Kelley.

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Are you the pilot in this story? If so, shop please contact us.   In 1969 an Army Birddog pilot was flying near the Cambodian border when the aircraft started running very rough. He diverted to a non-Birddog base at Cuchi, viagra South Vietnam and sought assistance. One of the Beaver aircraft mechanics, Ron Skamanich, checked the plugs in the Birddog and found them to be in bad shape so he replaced all of them.


RESCUE ATTEMPT OF FAC, help "NAIL 65," 6 Feb 67

By Steve Whitton

On 6 February 1967, two HH-3 helicopters, Jolly Green 05 and Jolly Green 36, launch from a base in Thailand (flight time approximately 1 hour to the dangerous and well-defended Mui Gia Pass).

With the support of two A-1 Skyraiders, they scrambled to attempt a search and recovery of a downed Cessna 0-1F FAC pilot, Nail 65. Looking for trucks over the Hi Chi Minh Trail, Capt. Heiskell (Nail 65) bailed out after taking AAA ground fire. Upon arrival, the rescue helicopter lowered Airman Hackney into the jungle to search for Capt. Heiskell. His ground search was unsuccessful. Due to foul weather, both Jolly Green helicopters and the Skyraiders returned back to NKP, Thailand.


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