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You are invited to submit your classified ads to the web site coordinator, Troy Cobb  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , for posting on this site. Please submit the copy exactly as you would like for it to appear. Be sure to include your email contact address and any other contact information you would like to place in the ad. Pictures may be submitted in jpeg, gif, or bmp format and should be appx 640 x 480 in size. Responses will be made directly to those placing the ad. Please inform the web site coordinator when your item sells or you wish to withdraw the ad. Ads will be left on the site for six months.


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1 Hydraulic Skis Wanted Baldursson 2-17
2 Propeller For Sale Klaus Thalinger 1-17
3 For sale 4 bolt VHF/FM shark fin antenna Marcelo Olive 12-16
4 Elevator Trim Assembly Wanted - Greg Johnson 10-16
5 Elevator Tip Assemblies Danny Lowery 9-16
6 Wanted Tail Wheel and Other Items - Nicolas Libis 9-16
7 Wanted Manuals Gunnar Arthursson 8-16
8 1951 L-19 Bird Dog For Sale Tony Falanga 8-16
9 Wanted Prop - Ted Wurster 8-16
10 Wanted Front Survival Seat Carl Shaffer 6-16