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The members and Board of Directors of the International Birddog Association·sincerely hope that you enjoy this site as it is dedicated to one of the greatest aircraft that has served the United States Military and military services around the world.


The All Unit Birddog Reunion and Memorial Dedication


Fort Rucker, cheap Alabama, home of US Army Aviation,  hosted members of the eleven Birddog units that served in the Vietnam Conflict.  Thiis event took place October 8th, 9th and 10th 2015.  The focus of the reunion was the dedication of a memorial monument at the Army Aviation Museum.  This memorial honors the various units and the pilots, crew, maintenance and support personnel who served in those units.  The memorial monument features panels naming each of the units along with their distintive unit patches and the names of those unit members who lost their lives in combat operations.  The guest speaker at this dedication was LTG Kevin Mangum, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff TRADOC.  There was an exceptional turnout at the gathering with an estimated 300 plus attending.  The memorial is a long overdue tribute to the faithful and effective Birddog airplane and the men who formed the Birddog combat units.


New Photo Gallery

The IBDA has created a new way for members and others to view photos on our web site.  The new site permits the posting of larger number of photos along with the ability to download any photo you may select in full resolution.  As you click on the image below to access the photo site you will locate and click on the word portfolios at the top of the page which will direct you to the page that displays the links to all the posted galleries.  We are confident that this new feature will give you a good look at the many photos submitted.

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The Historic Birddog Carrier Landing by Major Buang-Ly

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On 29 April 1975, cialis sale Air Force Major Buang-Ly of South Vietnam began a daring escape with his family. Loading his wife and five children into a Cessna O-1 "Bird Dog", he took off from Con Son island south of mainland Vietnam. Under attack by enemy fire from the ground, Buang-Ly managed to make it out to sea where he began a search for the US Naval ships in the area. As luck would have it, he managed to spot the USS Midway as she was taking in the evacuating helicopters. Crewmembers on board the USS Midway spotted the small aircraft shortly after. Attempts to contact the aircraft failed and the plane only circled the carrier with his landing lights on. Because of the large number of helicopters, the carrier was having many craft ditch alongside the carrier after dropping the passengers off. Rescue boats would then pick up the survivors. However, a spotter onboard Midway reported seeing around four people in the Cessna. All thoughts of having the plane ditch were quickly abandoned as the craft was severely overloaded. It was thought unlikely that all passengers could be rescued from the plane quick enough.


Invest in Responsible Birddog Ownership

As a Birddog owner, your best investment is in the Maintenance and Parts Manuals for your plane. Generic Cessna single-engine manuals simply don't cover many of our systems and none of the Birddog-specific parts and maintenance. The Feds say that your A&P/IA must have the required inspection / service documentation for the aircraft on which they're working – and as the owner/operator, you're to make sure of that. 


Hard copy manuals are going for $100, $200, $300 or more (each) on eBay – when they can be found. You can spend $500-$1000 for a set that isn't the latest and most complete. Clearly, $20 for those manuals is an IBDA bargain!


Manuals and much, much more are available for purchase on this IBDA website:

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Scroll to the bottom of the merchandise listings and find lots of useful stuff. The manuals on CD are only $20 for the necessary set. A hardcopy of the 12-page military (Annual) Inspection Form is just $25. Another disc contains Pilots' Operating Manuals and supplemental manuals while another presents solutions to common technical challenges. All prices include shipping.  Check it out.


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Do You Have A Flight Training Story

Flight training, both military and civilian, generates a mixture of experiences that are unique and never forgotten. Hidden in those experiences are stories, good and bad, that provide lessons which remain with the aviator throughout his flying career. We would like to read your favorite stories about your flight training or checkout in the Birddog so send them to us and we'll post them for our members and website visitors to enjoy.